PRECOM is a detailed monitoring of system-level pre-commissioning & commissioning progress with respect to different disciplines like PIPING/ STEEL-STRUCTURES/ CIVIL / E&I/ EQUIPMENT/ FIRE&SAFETY/ HVAC relating multi-discipline activities on System & Sub-Systems. Systems are defined and Sub-systems identified within Systems. Discipline wise components like Tagged items from E&I, Assembly Tags from Steel structures, Tech-Structure like Beam tag number, Foundation tag from Civil, Line numbers/Loop numbers from Piping, Equipment Tags & Connecting Instrumentation for Equipment, are grouped under System & Sub-system heads. Users can update progress at the discipline level, sub-system level (or) system level against the discipline wise tags and signed reports documented parallelly. Commissioning software offers the facility to create punch points under discipline heads against systems/sub-systems. Punch points can be liquidated along with signed documentation within the system.
Data consolidation & overall monitoring at system-level is made easy. Monitoring sheet can also be exported in excel format. Complete documentation of a system can be generated by a click. System-level backlog report & open punch points can be extracted for analysis and action. Overall this module offers complete tracking of progress, documentation, backlogs, monitoring & control of Systems for pre-commissioning and commissioning.

Features of PRECOM

  • Masters
  • Mapping of Masters
  • Manual mapping
  • Completion status of activities and Reports


Masters generally offers to upload systems, sub-systems, master data etc. Which defines how many systems will include in a project. Similarly, the user can upload masters for Sub-Systems, Disciplines, Major Activities, Location/Tag No, Activity, and Category.


In mapping user can upload a mapping between System to Sub-System that means Systems are defined and Sub-Systems are identified within systems Likewise here Sub-System to Tag No, Tag No to Activity, Sub-System to Major Activities and Major Activities to Activities mappings can be uploaded.

Manual Mapping :
  • In manual mapping user can map and unmap the masters manually.
  • The user can map or unmap masters between System to Sub-System, Sub-System to Tag No, Tag No to Activity, Sub-System to Major Activities and Major Activities to Activities.

Activity Completion Status :
  • This feature allows to maintain completion status of Activity. Here user can update completion status on the basis of systems, sub-systems, disciplines, major activities, locations and activities.
  • While updating status user can mention start date and closing date of activity and also can mention a miscellaneous and remarks related to a respective activity.
  • In completion status, the user can upload and download files related to the respective activity. The downloaded report shows detailed information of that activity.


Reports in precom are helpful to identify how many activities are completed and not completed on the basis of disciplines and systems. So there are two ways to view report in precom.

  • Discipline wise system details.
  • System complete status.
Discipline wise system details :

  • Discipline wise report shows the overall complete and incomplete activities in project System.

System complete status :

  • System complete status report shows overall status information based on Systems and displays how many activities are opened and how many are closed.