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PRECOM   Detailed monitoring of system-level precommissioning & commissioning progress w.r.t to different disciplines PIPING/STEEL-STRUCTURES/CIVIL/E&I/EQUIPMENT/FIRE&SAFETY/HVAC relating multi-discipline activities on System & Sub-Systems. Systems are defined and Sub-systems identified within Systems. Discipline wise components like Tagged items from E&I, Assembly Tags from Steel structures, Tech-Structure like Beam tag number, Foundation tag […]

PRECOM has been added as integrated solution in EPCPROMAN

PROPLAN   The Project Plan is a formal, approved document used to manage project execution activities. Project planning documents are necessary to define, prepare, integrate and coordinate the various activities. The PROPLAN defines how the project is executed, monitored, controlled and closed. PROPLAN is a software solution for monitoring activities of Engineering, Procurement, Construction […]

PROPLAN has been added as integrated solution in EPCPROMAN

Real time Automation is efficiently achieved on Daily construction activity updation using Barcodes and scanning technology through WIFI/3G/4G network connections. Daily construction/production activities like cutting,kitting, fitup/fitup inspection,welding/welding inspection,Non-destructive testing(RT/UT/DPT/MPT), PWHT,Hardness testing,Spool clearance,spool dimension check etc. is progressed live using mobile devices/tablets/personal device assistant(PDA) . Barcodes (Spool/joints/material) are scanned appropriately using […]

Barcode Apps are available on Android & IOS