Barcode Apps are available on Android & IOS

Real time Automation is efficiently achieved on Daily construction activity updation using Barcodes and scanning technology through WIFI/3G/4G network connections.
Daily construction/production activities like cutting,kitting, fitup/fitup inspection,welding/welding inspection,Non-destructive testing(RT/UT/DPT/MPT), PWHT,Hardness testing,Spool clearance,spool dimension check etc. is progressed live using mobile devices/tablets/personal device assistant(PDA) .
Barcodes (Spool/joints/material) are scanned appropriately using mobile device/scanner to automate the intake of construction data flow like heat numbers/batch numbers,thickness,material parameters.User can update Inspection observations & approvals,report details,technical parameters of contruction achieved through Windows/Android/IOS(Apple) devices.
System is compatible with 2D/1D barcodes,Long range & Short range scanning devices,variety of mobile devices of Windows/Android/IOS(Apple) configurations.
Spool level status/Joint level status can be viewed immediately reviewed at site.
Erection activity updation like Spool Lofting/Spool Racking/Spool Erection/Spool Fit/Weld Fit/Field weld NDT/Line clearance/MC etc can be updated this automation.