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Construction Automation Partner- Efficient Project Control

To associate as CONSTRUCTION AUTOMATION PARTNER in projects with the PMC/EPCM/OWNER operators to help them achieve complete control & automation in the construction projects by implementing EPCPROMAN – software solution package in the projects for construction management, project control, material management, progress automation, tracking etc.

Software Package

EPCPROMAN software suite consists of the following software:-


  • On-Job implementation with trained manpower
  • Expert team members handling the project
  • Instant support with a dedicated back-end support team
  • Team exposure with the multi-Project environment
  • International project exposure
  • Seamless communication, coordination
  • Better control & resolution

Basic Implementation Process

  • Project creation
  • Processing inputs
  • Spool drawing, erection drawing generation from IDF/PCP/IPMF files using AUTOSPOOL based on various criteria considering transportability, ease of fabrication/erection,
  • BOM, weld summary generation from AUTOSPOOL
  • Drawings management through the software
  • Document management using a dedicated document controller
  • Revision management
  • Matching front analysis
  • Work package/Job card creation
  • Material issuance through material issuance voucher
  • Handling of overhead/Surplus material & control
  • Handling of donation/Substitution of materials recording fabrication progress
    -Fitup/Welding/NDT/PWHT/Hardness inspection/Ferrite test etc.
    -Spools painting, sending/receiving spools to lay down, dispatch of spools for an erection
  • Recording erection progress
    -Fitup/Welding/NDT/PWHI/Hardness inspection/Ferrite test etc.
    -Spool erection, support erection, valve erection, installation of gaskets & fasteners, etc.
    -Line erection clearance,
    -Loop/Test pack clearance
    -Loop testing,flushing & box up
    -System/Sub-system level progress & backlog monitoring
  • Line history sheet record/monitor/control
  • Flange history sheet record/monitor/control
  • Progress review reports
    -Management level reporting with respect to materials/fabrication/erection
    -RCM level & area coordinator level reporting with respect to materials/fabrication/erection
    -Supervisor level reporting with respect to materials/fabrication/erection
    -Daily/Weekly/Monthly progress reports
    -Welder performance/NDT coverage etc.

Spool Operation and Fabrication/Erection Management

  • Developing the project frame for spool drawing processing.
  • Selection of field weld/Shop weld / Field fit weld location on the spool isometric drawing based on the project information provided by the contractor.
  • Generation of spooled isometric drawings and individual spool piece drawings from IDF/PCF/IPMF files of isometric extracted from PDMS models. Also, generate erection isometrics showing the spool numbers and erection MTO.
  • Revision change control and maintaining consistency in joint numbers. This may require verification of old revision with the latest revision.
  • Backcheck of the spool drawings by comparing with contractor’s original drawing to ensure the integrity of attribute data, text information etc.
  • Auto-extraction of weld data, spool wise BOM, NDE, PWHT, PMI, PAINTING, INSULATION etc. and pipe support details for both a shop and field.
  • Weld identification of primary pipe support and structural supports specification break shall be considered as spool limit
  • Numbering all the pipe spools and provide final documentation with all changes marked on hard copy & electronic copy of spool drawings and isometric drawings.
  • Furnishing the priority list based on material availability (matching front analysis report), generate spool wise & ISO wise constraint list, give follow up list for the contractor with PC details, spool wise progress status, etc.
  • Service provider to customize EPCPROMAN software or create suitable software for transferring all data from the isometrics to spool sheets and erection drawings.
  • Document/Drawing and revision control
  • Fabrication & erection material management, tracking, monitoring, controlling and reporting.
  • Work order planning and fabrication control
  • Welding and inspection control (Both fabrication & erection)
  • Spool movement control
  • Field piping erection, test pack, punch clearance and system/subsystem clearance control
  • NDT requirement tracking and generation of an outstanding report
  • Pipe supports fabrication & installation management. Management information system for project progress.
  • Tracking of painting & internal /external coating on the applicable spools
  • Forecasting of front availability based on material arrival dates.
  • Line continuity studies & reporting of site work front generated with respective adjoining spools.

Material Traceability

This is very essential documentation required for the project. A system of recording test certificate numbers (TC numbers) (unique number to be assigned) and heat numbers/batch number is made available in the system. Against each part number used in shop and field, the heat numbers/batch number will be recorded for traceabilit

Job Card Preparation

Preparation of job card based on material availability, preparation of material issue vouchers(MIVs) for job cards & issue job card and drawings to the fabrication contractor at a fabrication shop.

Planned Vs Actual S- Curve

A system can generate planned vs actual s-curve automatically based on the fabrication/erection progress to monitor the progress trend. Progress & trend of individual activities like Fitup/Welding/NDT etc. can be monitored.


Monthly running-account bill (RA bill) based on the approved schedule of rates (SOR) can be generated from the system with Abstract sheet/Measurement sheet & Backup reports.

Automation using Barcodes/RFID Technology

Production process like Cutting/Kitting/Fit/Welding/NDT offering reports / PWHT etc. can be automated through barcodes & scanning technology for a real-time progress update. Spool outgate pass for painting/Laydown/Dispatch can be controlled using Barcodes/RFID scanning. Erection process like Spool Lofting/Spool Erection/Valve erection etc can be automated using Barcodes/RFIDs.

Spool Search using RFID Technology

Specific spool search with Buzz/Beep alarm is enabled through RFID & BARCODES scanning devices. Fabrication & erection process automation can be customized as per requirement


Manpower requirement/Deployment depends on project scope & project duration. This can be discussed at the time of interaction.