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STRUCTMAN is a software to handle the entire activities in steel construction. They include procurement, inspection, storage, fabrication, lay-down, erection, painting, etc. The progress of various activities is monitored and reports generated showing the status. Any bottlenecks in the completion of the work can be identified from various reports. The actual consumption can be compared with the MTO requirements.

Input: Engineering MTO(assembly-wise, item wise as the case may be), project specifications,

Output: Reports for PR, PO, material received, inspected, availability in a store, issued, fabrication progress, inspection completed, assemblies ready for erection, completed erection, etc. This software can be customized as per the project/customers requirements

CIVILMAN is a software to handle and monitor CIVIL construction work from beginning to end. All the necessary activities involved in CIVIL construction are included, recorded, their precedence, progress and completion are monitored. Any new activities if required can be added.

Availability of material in stores, the requirement for issuing, completed and inspected activities, activities planned, etc can be seen structure wise at a glance. Work is handled contractor wise or in the house can be monitored. Quantities/work done can be compared with Engineering MTO.7.

Input: Engineering MTO, Work breakdown structure, project specifications. This software can be customized as per the project/customers requirements.