Dsteel Active Connection

DSTEEL Connection Summary

Code Connection Type No. of Working Connections
IS_800 Shear 2
IS_800 Base Plate 2
IS_800 Splice 3
IS_800 Bracing 5
IS_800 Moment 6
IS_800 Special 8
IS_800 PEB 6
IS_800 Bracket 3
Total Connections in IS_800 35
BS_5950 Shear 6
Total Connections in BS_5950 6
EN_1993 Shear 1
EN_1993 Base Plate 8
EN_1993 Splice 3
EN_1993 Bracing 1
Total Connections in EN_1993 13
Total Connections 54



  • Shear
    • Beam To Column
    • Beam To Beam
  • Base Plate
    • I-Section
  • Splice
    • Column To Column
    • Beam To Beam
  • Bracing
    • Angle
    • Channel
  • Moment
    • Beam To Column
  • Special
  • PEB
  • Bracket

The aim and purpose of this software are to provide various types of connections designs as per various codes and standard practices. In a project life, revisions always occur in layouts, structural arrangements, loading etc. The designs get revised accordingly. Hence the connections need to be revised aptly.

Connections vary as per standard practices of design and detailing. This document presents some typical connections to indicate the overall extent of the software. Any variations can be added and made available as per specific requirements.

All calculations are done as per code requirements, and the report so generated shows detailed calculations with clauses and other references. Suitability of connection is indicated with remarks like OK or REVISE. 3D representation helps to understand the details of the connection and fouling if any of the connected components. The details of similar types of connections can also be obtained in a tabular form under various parameters as applicable.


Code: IS_800

Connection: Shear:

  • Beam To Column
    • Web angle Cleat bolted


  • Beam To Beam
    • Shear tab with a Single row of Bolt


These are shear connections with shear tab, & cleat angles. Other variations like connections with channels, single cleat, connection in column web, connection on both sides, with different member depths etc can also be made available.

Code: IS_800

Connection: Base Plate.


  • I-Section
  • Column Base Plate Pinned End With Shear Key


  • Column( with flange plates) Base Plate Pinned End – With Shear Key


Other variations like Box columns, Back to back channel columns, fabricated columns; base plate without shear key, shear key as I section, plate section, cross plates etc can be made available.

Code: IS_800

Connection: Splice

  • Column To Column
    • Column Splice Bolted ( Columns with same profiles)


  • Column( with flange plates) Base Plate Pinned End – With Shear Key


Other variations like, Columns placed eccentrically, columns flush on one side, with splice plate placed inside of the flange can be made available.

Code: IS_800

  • Beam To Beam
    • Welded Splice For Beam


Splices with internal flange plates, a combination of bolted and welded splice also can be made available.

Code: IS_800

Connection: Bracing

  • Angle Bracing
    • Single Angle Welded


  • Double Angle Welded


  • Single Angle Bolted


  • Double Angle Bolted


  • Channel Bracing
  • Channel Welded To Gusset Plate


Channel bolted to gusset can be included when required.

Any other arrangement of bracings and their combinations with other connections can be added as per specific requirements.

Code: IS_800

Connection: Moment

  • Beam To Column
    • Welded Moment connection :


This is a complete profile welded connection.

  • Moment connection with Plate Bolted


Here the end plate is bolted; the beam is welded to the end plate. All relevant checks are provided for requirements of stiffeners, doubler plate, and haunch.

  • Welded Moment with flange plates :


  • Welded Moment with flange plates and web angles/plate & haunch :



  • Welded Moment : supporting member is a box column made from face to face welded channels:


  • Welded Moment with flange plates and web angles/plate & haunch :


Connection: Special

(Non – Standard Connections)







Stack splice (bolted type) :








Weld For Fabricated Sections:

This gives the weld size requirements between web plate and flange plates for fabricated sections.



Combination of Moment and a shear connection (A beam and a bracing meeting at a joint) :

This moment connection has an end piece to resist the moment and the beam is connected to it in the web. Also, there is a double angle bracing connected to the end piece at its bottom, which is designed as a bracing connection.


Weld of Fabricated Sections with Flange Plate.


Stub Column and Bracing connection flange on Beam


Double Channel Bracing

These are NON-STANDARD types of connections, mostly used for very heavy types of profiles carrying heavy reactions. They may be developed from case to case basis. Some typical types are available in the software. Any specific project requirements and arrangement of connection can be analyzed and made available.

Connection: PEB Structures:

Base plate design are available based on Limit state theory as well as on Working stress method.

  • Column Base Plate ( fabricated column with uniform depth) Pinned end-4Bolts :







  • Column Base Plate (fabricated column with varying depth) Pinned end-4Bolts :








  • Column Base Plate-Fixed End :







  • Pipe members used as Diagonal Bracings :







  • 3-Pipe Bracing.







  • Moment Type1








This is a bolted end plate moment connection at Top of a column with varying web depth, with cap plate and stiffeners

Other arrangements for Pipe bracings can be provided as per requirements.

Connection: Brackets:

  • Plate bracket welded to both flanges of column :









  • Plate bracket on column flange with seat plate :







  • Angle Bracket Welded







Various types of Bracket connections are available, some typical are shown here. Specific arrangement of bracket, welded, bolted or combination of welded & bolted, subjected to various types of loads, with or without knee connection, can be designed and included to meet the requirements.

Code: BS_5950

Connection: Shear

  • Beam To Column
  • Shear Connection : Beam To Column Connection With Fin Plate







  • Shear Beam To Column Connection With End Plate








  • Beam To Beam
  • Shear Connection: Beam To Beam (on either side of the main beam) With Fin Plate :



  • Shear Connection: Beam To Beam Connection With End Plate



  • Shear Connection: Beam To Beam Connection With Cleat Angle


41-300x120 (1)

These are some of the most commonly used connections. However, variations like connections with hollow sections, box sections, and any other types can be made available.

Code: EN 1993

Connection: Shear

  • Beam To Beam
  • Shear: Beam To Beam Connection With Fin Plate






Other Types of Shear connections are also available.

Connection: Base Plate

  • Hollow Section
  • Column Base Plate : RHS section







  • Column Base Plate : CHS section







  • I-Section
  • Column Base Plate Type 1 : I section : Fixed type







  • Column Base Plate Type2 : I section : Pinned type







STUB TYPE Column Bases:

  • Stub Base Plate Type 1







  • Stub Base Plate Type 2







  • Stub Base Plate Type3







  • BS_en1993_Column Base Fixed End










Connection: Splice

  • Hollow Section
  • Circular Hollow Section Tension Splice










  • Rectangular Hollow Section Tension Splice










  • I-Section
    • Column To Column Non Bearing Type










Other types of splices, like welding, a combination of welded & bolted, Flush type, with Cap plates, with different profiles etc, are also available.


Connection: Splice

  • Angle Bracing
    • BS_En1993 Single Angle Bolted








All Other types of bracings, with welded or bolted connections, bracings on either side, more than one bracing meeting at a joint can also be provided.