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EPCPROMAN software solution including AUTOSPOOL , SPOOLMAN/ERMAN, MATCONTRK/STOREMAN etc. has been approved by Technip India Limited

Technip India Limited has successfully completed EPC project by using EPCPROMAN solution, The software was very much used for automation of various work processes in the project including ware housing, material management, fabrication, erection activities.

Using EPCPROMAN automation is achieved in the areas of warehousing, fabrication and erection activities, like maintaining the inwards material receipt with respect to the purchase order and the invoices, quality inspection of inward material, creation of item code for the non-piping items, maintaining the stock register, material reconciliation with respect to the various store location and contractor, material feasibility with respect to the store location, and fabrication requirements, material front analysis with respect at fabrication and erection level, material issuance and planning for erection and shop fabrication, maintaining the line history sheet line wise, loop wise, generation of DPR (Daily progress reports), for fit up, welding, NDT , PWHT, Hardness Inspection, generation of transmittal to spool dispatch etc.


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