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EPCPROMAN suite is an integrated EPC project management and project control software for sectors such as Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Manufacturing & Construction, etc.
EPCPROMAN is a EPC Planning and EPC Construction Management Software widely used in disciplines like Piping, Civil, Structural, Electrical and Instrumentation, Equipment to manage the project functions like Engineering / Ordering / Tendering / Manufacturing and Delivery / Construction / Commissioning where these disciplines and functions are managing by the agencies such as Piping and Steel Fabricators, EPC and LSTK contractors, Owners and Operators, PMC’s involved in jobs related with Offshore / Onshore Petrochemicals, Ship Building, Oil and Gas Refineries, Power Plants, Breweries, Renewable Energies etc. EPCPROMAN software is designed in an innovative way and aimed for a continuous improvement by upgrading on timely basis to meet the demand of newer industrial work practices. This EPC software helps the organisational people to talk in a way that understands by everyone and helps them to see the problems before the happening and find the right way to achieve the success.

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Various classes of Cost Estimation based on preliminary and detailed information for Bidding / Proposal purposes. Regular update of Cost Estimate based Quoted, Ordered and Executed price.

Catalogues, Specs, Preparation of Piping Isometrics based on Specs. / Rule based with MTO/BOM details.

MTO Analysis at item level including Substitution Analysis. Material tracking from MTO-MR-PO-Delivery at Construction Sites. Generation of various exception reports.

Organized Inventory with Material Tracking, “Right Material in Right Place for tracing at Right Time”. Material Management including Expediting, Costing, Analysis, Storage, Bar-code/RFID, Issue, Reconciliation.

Item codes creation (Client specific) / standardization / mapping of engineering and procurement item codes, converting commodity code to unique item code and so on.

Simplify Piping Engineering and Piping Spooling operations by Auto Spooling, identify Shop and Fields Joints / Welds, for the convenience of Fabrication and Erection work. Piping Spooling for convenience of Fabrication and Erection.

Spool Fabrication and Erection Management ensures efficiency in Plant Construction. It is a piping material, spool, and construction management software at Shops/Erection Sites useful for effective matching front analysis (MFA), work allocation, material allocation, piping material controls and tracking.

Activity / Milestone level Planning, Monitoring and reporting of piling, foundations, superstructures, buildings, U/G Piping, Pipe racks, Tech. Structures etc. including Packages. Progress reporting and monitoring.

Planning and Monitoring of Equipment Erection, Internal installation, Nozzles Fixing, Lines Connections, Testing, Painting / Insulation, Electrical and Instrumentation items installations including cabling. Progress reporting and monitoring.

System-wise Planning and Monitoring of Pre-commissioning and Commissioning activities for Process and Utilities systems including Infrastructure works like Building, Roads, Enabling works etc.

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EPCPROMAN – Plant Construction Management and Control Software Product Suite:

EPCPROMAN is an integrated Plant Construction Management and Control Software solution for Activity level Project Management, Planning and Control, Progress Monitoring, Material Management and reporting at various stages of Piping Fabrication, Erection, Material, Warehouse, Pre-commissioning of systems and Commissioning of units/plants. All parameter about the Project Progress can be monitor through PRODASH PI (Interactive Project Management Dashboard)

EPCPROMAN is widely used by
Piping Fabricators, EPC Contractors, LSTK Contractors, Owners & Operators, PMC for all jobs related to OFFSHORE / ONSHORE Petrochemical, Ship Building, Oil & Gas Refineries, Power Plants, Breweries, Renewable Energies or any plant which include Piping, Steel, Concrete. 

Software specification for planning, Material management, Fabrication, and erection level control.

Short Description:

Specification for complete material and inventory management, Weld mapping, revision management, Activity level stage wise control with documentation at all level of Fabrication and erection and related commercial billing as per the Schedule of Rates. An advanced technique like Barcode system must be used for automation.

Detailed Description:

Weld mapping, fabrication planning based on material availability and priority system for fabrication, piping progress tracking (By joints and spools) during fabrication and erection stages including NDT and hydro testing. Updating of these activities using barcode. Revision management. This program should facilitate the complete production planning, updating of live status of activities like production(fit-up, welding, NDT, etc.) through BARCODE and WIFI / Bluetooth, all reports and related billing and commercials should be generated from the software resulting in the single-point solution for all requirement of Piping fabrication and erection work.

More Specification

At the end of the projects, all the relevant data and documentation will be submitted to the client. Include the project database should be handed over to the EIL/Dangote.
The Software must be implemented from much before starting the project for planning, standardization, analysis of the input requirements, understanding of expected deliverables, incorporation of a schedule of rates for billing, etc…
Software solution including Piping Spooling operation from IDF/PCF/IPMF files received from EIL, Fabrication planning , activity updating ( using Barcode ), Store and inventory management ( Barcode must be used), Erection planning , material management at fabrication and erection level, loop, system clearance and billing at all level as per EIL formats.

  • software should be used for all activities of Store management, Planning, Matching front, Fit-up, Welding, NDT, Spool clearance at fabrication stage, Line erection, Loop mechanical completion, testing & box up etc.
  • Hardware and software required in server machine and local machine Please refer to IT Infrastructure requirement in Annexure1. No. of software licenses required: Please refer to Table A below.
  • Dedicated internet connection with at least 4 MBPS should be available for effective communication. (Please refer to IT Infrastructure requirement in Annexure1).
  • Software implementation expert personnel should be hired for complete project implementation.
  • Software must be operated by an experienced user of the software. A user must have working experience of projects.
  • Software must have a proven track record of successful implementation in Indian projects executed by EIL.
  • Following no. of software licenses must be used per lakhs of Piping Inch Dia ( including shop and erection)

Software Specification as follows:
Software specification at Piping Spooling operation stage:

  • Piping Spooling Operation – Program should generate of Piping Spool, Flange joint, Joint numbering etc. Automatic generation of Spool Drawing and Erection drawing with all construction measurement data like Inch Dia, Surface is Inch Meter etc.
  • The program should take input from IDF /PCF/IPMF files generated by leading Plant Design and engineering software., Program should be capable of Pipe cutting optimization.
  • 3D Graphical & interactive Spool transportation optimization by the optimized arrangement of spools in the container as per container dimension & tonnage capacity.
  • Joint Numbering, Field joint identification including the incorporation of revision.
  • Spools MTO, Erection MTO, Insulation MTO, tracing MTO, Support MTO.
  • Piping Workload in Inch Dia/Inch Meter and front analysis/Balance material identification.
  • The program should efficiently do Revision management and must retain spool number, weld number, and draw with respect to the previous master revision.
  • Multiple personnel should be in a position to work on the same project simultaneously.
  • The program should show 3DGraphics of Spool and line for visualization and should export 3D drawing.
  • The surface area, component weight for the spool/Line must be calculated.
  • The program should have a single database-like RDBMS( SQL SEVER) for all the files imported and single debase for all further operation and work. Multiple personnel should work on the same project.
  • Complete files management with all relevant revision files, revision files must be highlighted, comparison of old revision to new revision should be done.
  • The program should facilitate interactively transfer of spool number and weld number for efficient revision management online or spool level.
  • The data should be further integrated to Piping fabrication and erection management and also store should be directly linked with the database. The software should have RDBMS so that the data will be secured and multiple users can work in the same environment.

Software specification at Fabrication

  • Material Matching Front Analysis
  • Work allocation & Material Issuance vouchers
  • Welding, Welder Performance & Penalty Clause
  • NDT Clearance & Percentage Coverage
  • Spool Surface Cleaning, Primer & Finish Painting
  • Spool Clearance, Storage in Lay down & Dispatch
  • Daily Progress reports & Management reports
  • Billing, Approvals & Documentation
  • Spool Tracking with Barcode Technology
  • Material Reconciliation
  • Spool tracking using BARCODE technology. Location of the spool should be stored in spool tracking system. BARCODE must be used for tracking.
  • WPS/PQR (Welding procedure specification/ Procedure qualification record).
  • Welder penalty and welder performance monitoring
  • Welding Performance reports. Monitoring of inspection reports at various stages including prioritization and checklist liquidation.
  • Line history sheet for weld joints/ flanged joints/traceability records.
  • Hydro test reports / NDT loop clearance, Test wise reports
  • Line wise/Area wise/loop-wise final completion reports.
  • Fabrication and erection Material management, Tracking of spools/piping in case of the recall of defective items.
  • Software should generate 3D drawing files which can be merged in standard review software to see the progress in various color for various activities at the fabrication stage.
  • Piping Spooling data should directly available for further piping fabrication work.

Software specification at Erection

  • Erection Front analysis w.r.t availability of completed spools & erection components for line erection.
  • Prioritizing the spools for the erection activities
  • Spool Erection, Valve Erection, Support Erection reports
  • Installation of Gaskets, Bolts, Tagged items & reports
  • Weld & NDT clearance of Field Joints
  • Flange Assembly, Valve Assembly, Flange Joints Clearance
  • Maintaining the Flange History sheet and alignment.
  • Line Iso-Erection Clearance
  • Loops & Systems monitoring.
  • Flange history sheet
  • Project reports Dossier
  • Loop Mechanical Completion & Clearance
  • Punch Points generation & Liquidation
  • Field Change Request Management
  • Pre-commissioning of Systems
  • Software should generate 3D drawing files which can be merged in standard review software to see the progress in various color for various activities at Erection stage.
  • Piping Spooling data should directly available for further piping erection work.

The software solution is required for managing warehouse inventory for materials of various disciplines like Piping.

  • The software should take the input of purchase goods into the system and the Material Inward should be based on the Purchase reference.
  • The inventory should be tracked by the Barcoding system preferably using a 2D barcode, Updation of the inventory should be done by using a barcode.
  • The software should have functionality to perform various task for Inventory Management like creating GRN ( Goods Receipt Note), DMR (Daily Material Receipt), QA/QC activities of testing Raw Material and maintaining the register, RFI ( Raise For Inspection) from the Shop Supervisor, maintaining the OSDR ( Over Shortage Damage Report), approval from QA/QC.
  • The software should have the ability to issue the material from the warehouse based on the material request from the Shop Production or Site Execution team.
  • Provision to monitor the Storage location reference of received materials like Grid location/bin etc. shall be maintained in the software.
  • Material traceability parameters like Heat number/Batch number of items shall be maintained in the system. Individual lengths of pipes received & issued shall be maintained with heat respective to heat numbers.
  • Software shall have Stock register reporting to monitor the warehouse quantities.
  • Reconciliation of materials against contractors along with store & project reference.
  • The software should have the ability to reconcile the material with any of the configured item code.
  • Software shall have provision to manage Warehouse materials for multiple projects, multiple storage locations & multiple contractor environments.
  • The software should maintain the history of data like Material inward vs Purchase Quantity and balance or yet to receive quantity against the Purchase record.
  • The software should have the ability to link inventory data for material management, Matching front, Fabrication planning, Fabrication activity material management, a Material issue for Fabrication and Erection work.

General features:

  • Monitoring of Painting/insulation work.
  • Contractor or client billing as per the SOR
  • Billing for contractor work ( line wise, area wise, loop-wise). Extracts to be taken from reports based on SOR( schedule of rates) ( viz Inch Dia, Inch Meter, NDT work, Support fabrication)
  • Manpower & consumable estimation, Reallocation of fabrication spools, etc.
  • Resequencing of joints, Various reports for progress monitoring.
  • Revision management of Piping Isometric with respect to the spool. Managing the revision Isometrics and maintaining the past history of the weld joints with respect to the activities like Fitup, Welding, NDT, etc
  • Material reconciliation reports project wise, area/unit wise, contractor wise and project wise
  • Review of the erection and fabrication status in a 3D model.
    Features of Spool Tracking System using Bar Code System:
  • The program will keep the track/information of all spool grid/location
  • Spool Identification & Spools storage location tracking is enabled through Barcode System.
  • Spool level information in Barcodes is used for Spool Identification & Spool Storage location/grids tracking.
  • Spools sent to Laydown areas are scanned for monitoring the status automatically.
  • During Spools storage in Laydown, Barcodes with Spool information are scanned along with Storage Location/Grids for automatic updating in SPOOLMAN.
  • Grid Location Status of Spool is available always in SPOOLMAN.
  • A list of Spools stored in a specific grid location can be populated in SPOOLMAN.
  • Spools stored in Grid location can be identified through Barcode Scanning.
  • Special Quality Barcode Printers are configured with EPCPROMAN solution for automatic Barcodes printing.
  • High Range Barcode Scanners are integrated with the system.

Manpower for software operation:
Contractor to ensure and hire ( from the software supplier )the right competitive personnel at least two personnel per unit for working on the software during the complete project tenure.
The operators who will be working on the software should have knowledge of the software at the site. He/ She should be familiar with all the functionalities of the software provided and should be approved by the software supplier.
Project reporting on daily/weekly basis to EIL and Dangote:

  • The contractor should ensure to report in the format as attached in annexure at the various levels Of 1 ) MANAGEMENT REPORTING 2) RCM AND AREA COORDINATOR REPORTING3) SUPERVISION REPORTING and BILLING as per the schedule of rates.
  • Please find the attached summary report for the template reference.

Contractor standardization plan:

Contractor must submit detailed plan along with software execution with all detailed workflow for Store management automation, Fabrication and erection planning, Fabrication activity level control, Erection activity level control, EIL summary reports, all EIL standard formats etc. must be submitted as a part of execution planning and standardization before starting any activity on site. This may be done along with the software supplier for better coordination.

Software licensing requirement:
Contractor to purchase/use sufficient no. of licenses and should have the competitive personnel for working on the same. This can be decided along with the software supplier.

IT-Hardware and prerequisite ( For Software, for Barcode, scanning) :
For Software: Server machine with Win server 2012 operating system with 16 GB ( or above) and for client machine Win 8.0 onwards with a 64-bit operating system with a minimum of 4 GB ram must be used. Microsoft Office should be available for excel documentation and relevant software if any. ( Pl contact software supplier for more detail).
For Barcode automation and for printing purpose: Bar Code Scanner ( short and long range), Bar Code Printer, printer Consumables like Labels, Ribbon, A3 Size Printer, and A3 Scanner should be purchased adequately as per the requirement. WIFI should be available on the fabrication yard ( if permitted).
There should be proper internet facility with the dedicated internet of minimum 4 Gbps and all the machines should have proper IT infrastructures like LAN/ WAN/ VPN and dedicated server with good configuration.
Internet speed
There should be a proper internet facility with the dedicated internet of minimum of 4 Mbps or onwards.
Highlights of the software should be

  • Integrated software solution for Activity level project management, planning and control, progress monitoring, material management and reporting at various stages of Piping fabrication, erection, material, warehouse, pre-commissioning of systems and commissioning of units/plants.
  • All the detailed activities concerned with generation of piping fabrication & erection drawings, Revision Control /Change Management, Shop Change Request (SCR) & Field Change Request (FCR),work front analysis, work distribution to contractors, material issuance to contractors, monitoring of fabrication activities like fit up, welding, NDT, PWHT, hardness inspection, surface preparation, painting, testing, transportation, storage of fabricated spools in lay down, dispatch of fabricated spools to erection site.
  • Monitoring of erection activities like spool erection, valve erection, support erection, Flange alignment checkup, welding & inspection clearance of erection welds, iso/line erection clearance, loop mechanical clearance, loop testing, loop pressure test, loop flushing, box up, punch point clearance at all levels, chemical cleaning of systems till final dossier submission is managed.
    The various modules of the software is utilized & operated by all the inter-disciplines of the whole project team like Project planning team, Site Engineering team/department, Shop Execution team, Welding team, Site Construction team , NDT (or)Quality Assurance/ Quality Control team, Warehouse management team, Painting department, Logistics department, Operations & maintenance department & management team(OWNER) etc.