ICGP is a software for generation of new Item Code creation of equivalent Item-code as per the company norms. Item codes are generated by reading standard parameters of item description like Item type, Item sub-type, nominal size, schedule/rating, material description/material grade, thickness, diameters, special remarks etc.

EPC software - item code generation program
Item Code creation program follows a logical process for code generation, where a variety of rule logic’s can be created to obtain the desired new codes. ICGP takes care of all Item Codification activity required for generating & updating the central library of Item-Master which is used in EPCPROMAN.


ICODE created in ICGP are unique on the combination of Engineering Code (ICODE2) and Description. IPMF data can be imported into ICGP using excel file. ICGP have two inputs i.e. Master Data and IPMF Data. The Master data can be uploaded by admin. The IPMF data can be uploaded by user and admin. The item code is generated against the IPMF data.

Following are the ways by which ICODE can be created in ICGP :

  • Master mapping
  • Description breakup
  • Manual creation