MATCONTRK / STOREMAN performs Material Control and Tracking from engineering to procurement of the materials, receipt at store or site/yard till issuance to the subcontractors.
The program efficiently manages multiple MTO’S & revisions at estimation/engineering level, material procurement including material requests, request for quotation, vendor finalization, purchase request, purchase order, vendor management, material expedition, store/warehouse management including material receipt, raw material identification reporting, request for inspection, inspection, over/short/damage/reject reporting, inspection clearance, material allocation,material issuance as per request, material monitoring & control,tracking of material after utilization/consumption.

The program can be configured / customized for controlling & tracking the materials as per various disciplines like piping, structural, civil, equipments, Electrical, E&I, HSE, etc. Piping in-line piping components (Elbow, Tee, Reducer, Strainer etc.), Tagged items (Valves, Instruments, Miscellaneous items etc.), Equipment, Structural items (Section, Angle, Channels etc), Concrete items, Electrical items (cable trays, cables, junction boxes, electrical appliances) etc. are managed efficiently.

Manage multiple types of Item codes (Design / Engineering Code, Procurement Code, Client / Contractor/PMC codes :
In a project, an item can be represented using different types of Item code by Client/Design Engineering consultant, Project management consultant, Contractor etc. The program has the facility to interlink different type of Item codes different Item codes (Procurement Item code, Engineering Item code, Client Item code, PMC Item code, Contractor Item code) used to represent the same component in the project by different groups/disciplines. Material reconciliation can be done in any specific type of Item code.


The software solution is required for managing warehouse inventory for materials of various disciplines like Piping, Mechanical, Structural, Civil, Instrumentation, Electrical, HSE etc.

  • The software should have RDBMS so that the data will be secured and multiple users can work in the same environment.
  • The software should take the input of purchase goods into the system and the Material Inward should be based on the Purchase reference.
  • The inventory should be tracked by Barcoding system preferably using 2D barcode

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The program facilitates integration with the standard accounting software for cost and accounting purpose. For the purchase of the item, available cash flow can be retrieved and decision/ approval can be made. Further to it all the cost expenses can be booked and sent to the accounting software.

The combined solution consisting of MATCONTRK® / STOREMAN® can perform following functionality :

MATCONTRK– Salient Features:

EngineeringPO vs PRProcurementVendorConstruction
Item Code LibraryComparisonRaise Purchase RequisitionExpediting Material DeliveryStore Management
MTO / BOM REV 0Material OrderedRaise Purchase OrderMaterial not DeliveredMaterial Delivered
MTO / BOM REV 1Not OrderedIntegration with ERPMaterial ShortageSTOREMAN Software
ComparisonUnder OrderRevised Purchase OrderMaterial Over Received 

Program Compares required quantity MTO/BOM v/s purchased quantity to make sure sufficient material is ordered.

The program compares purchase order quantity v/s delivered quantity at the store to ensure all ordered materials delivered.

This Program is integrated with other modules of EPCPROMAN like SPOOLMAN / ERMAN for checking the availability of various materials and future planning of the work, based on material availability.

Planning can be done based on various stages of material availability which are as follows:

Material available (Inspected), Material available (non-inspected), Material in transit (PO is raised), Material PO is placed, Material MTO received from the engineering etc.

  • A brief statement of the latest MTO quantity item wise, PO quantity, received material etc.
  • Cascading material effect: Program can identify the availability of material at various stages for future planning of work and for expanding material flow in advance.

The program takes care of the complete material flow from Engineering MTO till issuance to the subcontractors (Fabricators).
STOREMAN is a software for store/warehouse Management of all plant construction materials received in the central store/site store. This program takes care of all store activities from the material receipt till issuance for construction.

STOREMAN – Salient Features:

Store Material ReceiptMaterial clearanceContractor store Inventory and space Management
Enter invoice dataClearance by QC under contractor and by ownerSplitting store area in grid and blocks
Create Daily Material receiptInspection of the materialManaging space according to material specification, item type etc.
Raise Request for inspectionCreation of Over Short Damage Report (OSDR)Specific material will get a specified location
Document Physical CheckMaintaining Over Short Damage Report (OSDR) 
Creation of Over Short Damage Report (OSDR)Add location for storage 
Maintaining Over Short Damage Report (OSDR)Attached barcode 
Store Material IssueReviewAdmin
Uploading Material request from different contractorInvoice reconciliationCreation of access rights.
Checking maximum permitted materials before issuesContractor wise delivery receipt registryDefine maximum material allocation list
Creation of delivery receipt for Issue of materialContractor wise Material request register 
Maintaining delivery receipt registerDaily material reconciliation 

Automation using Barcode & Scanning technology:

Additional customization can be done for material management through Barcode & Scanning technology using Barcodes, Scanners, PDA, Mobile, Tablets, and WIFI.

Material traceability review using 3D model:
With the integration of AUTOSPOOL, SPOOLMAN / ERMAN, the material traceability of fabricated/erected component can be customized in the 3D model. The program generates 3D dwg file containing a 3D model of the piping with all the Material traceability data like heat number, Batch number, Vendor number, PO number, Invoice number, Date of receipt, Issuance, consumption etc. This can be customized & viewed in the 3D model against each component level.

GPS & RFID enabled customization:

  • GPS enabled tracking of material location. Location of material receipt, material inspection, storage, issuance can be recorded & tracked.
  • Automation of approval procedure through scanning RFID tags of Employee / Store In-charge /Contractor representative can be customized at material receipt level, material inspection stage, material issuance stage etc.

Stock register :
Stock register of the store/warehouse with the list of different items, total received quantity, quantity available, the value of material stock available in store, breakup details of material issued quantity with voucher reference number can be generated readily.

Item Codification :