one can generate the estimation MTO based on P&ID or initial piping layout. The program allows the users to create estimation MTO by selecting components directly from the piping material specification or importing data directly from the 3D model. The consistency of the estimation / initial MTO is guaranteed by an automatic check against the latest revision of piping material specification and it can also be upgraded as per the latest available component catalog. This is further integrated with MATCONTRK and compared with MTO’s from other plant design software’s.


Component wise sequencing can be done on the top of line wise piping MTO/ item master as the base. Shortcodes are pre-designated for the piping components. Sequencing to match the exact piping routing can be done using shortcodes to simplify the efforts. Routing of P&ID, GAD, Piping isometric drawings can be used as a reference for creating detailed MTO with an organized flow of piping component data. The program generates data like spool MTO, joint data and other related reports which are used as input for SPOOLMAN / ERMAN software.


The user can generate various reports like line wise summary MTO, project scope in terms of material Inch Dia, material Inch Meter, joint details, painting – insulation scope with item wise breakup details & reports configured according to client specific requirements.

Piping specification, branch tables, Piping Assemblies :

The piping material specifications based on the catalog can be generated quickly, with the help of user-friendly filter queries.
Company catalog can also be standardized. The Program automatically creates the list of required project piping components from the piping material specifications which will be used as a reference to carry out the Material Take-Off.
The Piping branch table states the type of connecting components for the branch intersection between various header size and branch size combinations.
The Program automatically selects the required branch components detail from the piping material specification connected to the branch table. The Program can also manage the piping assemblies like vents, drains, instrument connections etc. Piping assemblies can be pre-defined with a group of associated piping components. The user has to just define the count of assemblies & the program automatically accommodates the break-up piping components in the Material Take-off.


ICGP is a software for the creation of new Item Code, generation of equivalent Item Code as per the company norms. Item codes are generated by reading standard parameters of item description like Item type, Item sub-type, nominal size, schedule/rating, material description/material grade, thickness, diameters, special remarks etc. Item Code generation program follows a logical process for code generation, where a variety of rule logic’s can be created to obtain the desired new codes. ICGP takes care of all Item Codification activity required for generating & updating the central library of Item Master which is used in EPCPROMAN.

ESCOBI – Estimation, Costing & Bidding
  • ESCOBI is the software solution for Estimation, Costing & Bidding of a project.
  • Project & sub-units are defined for estimation & bidding.
  • Multiple groups can work on the estimation, costing & bidding of a project parallel & independently through different quotations.
  • Estimation team, Costing team, Bidding team can be maintained separately for confidentiality based on separate access rights for estimation/ costing/bidding.
  • Estimation of a project is divided into discipline wise headers like piping, civil, structural, E&I etc. which are grouped at the project level.
  • Disciplines are sub-divided into multiple hierarchy levels which can be further associated & interconnected with final breakup estimation items as per tender bidding documentation (SOR format).
  • Multiple hierarchy levels can be defined logically for estimation based on the complexity of the project & requirement.
  • Against each estimation line item, estimation quantity against relevant UOM (unit of measure)is captured.
  • Cost of each estimation item per UOM is defined based on cost breakup heads like material, labor, service etc.
  • Margin percentage/value is decided against each cost breakup head for a particular estimation item.
  • Cost is based on various currency type.
  • The margin is based on a percentage of cost (or) a lumped value against each cost breakup head of an item.
  • Flexibility to analyze the impact in bid value by changing the margin flexibility to change the margin breakup of a particular cost breakup at any hierarchy group level.
  • Any modification & enhancements on cost/margin can be done at group level easily.
  • Reports of various quotations from different internal groups estimating on the same job can be generated for comparison, analysis & generating a realistic right estimate for final bidding.

  • Defining project for estimation
  • Defining discipline & hierarchy groups
  • Mapping estimation line items with group levels
  • Defining access rights for Estimation team, Costing team & bidding team
  • Estimation of Quantity for each estimation line item
  • Cost estimation under various cost heads
  • Defining Margin%
  • Evaluation of bid quotation
  • Impact analysis by modifying Cost & Margin value
  • Copying existing quotation
  • Reports of estimation, costing & bidding
  • Evaluation & finalization of bid value
Estimation Costing and Bidding:

The program feature aids the bidding team in performing the detailed task of estimation, costing, bidding of the project. The project estimation can be worked out by multiple estimation groups. The access rights are controlled for estimation teams, Costing team, Bidding team maintain confidentiality of the project data. Multiple projects can be handled parallely. Each project can have various quotations & breakup calculations on estimation quantity, cost & margin parameters.
Estimation team will have complete control in establishing the quantity of each estimation line item for bidding. The Costing team works out the cost break up parameters like the cost of materials, plant & machinery, labor, transport, services etc. against each estimation line item. The Project bidding team plays a key role in defining the margin percentage/value against each cost breakup parameter. The cost & margin can also be controlled at hierarchical group levels which are interconnected with the estimation line items. Facility for importing & exporting of data in spreadsheet format is enabled for flexibility.

ESCOBI Report:

One can export the quotation with estimation quantity, costing and bid value data project wise. The detailed backup data with the breakup calculation can be generated at the project level, unit level, discipline wise & hierarchical group levels.
Quotations prepared by different groups can be compared with the percentage difference of quantity, cost breakup & margin breakup for analysis in finalizing the realistic quotation.