Project Planning and Scheduling Software

Project Planning and Scheduling Software

A Planning and Scheduling Network System for Project Planning and Control (covering Time, Cost and Quantity with resource loading) for various phases of the Project execution.

PROPLAN is a software solution for Planning, Scheduling, Controlling and Monitoring the detailed level activities of the various project functions such as Engineering, Ordering, Manufacturing and Delivery, Tendering, Construction, Commissioning, Close-out etc. and displaying the progresses by Scheduled versus Actual comparisons in the graphical reportable formats.

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Steps For Effective usage of PROPLAN

Step 1

Define Project, User & Settings

Create the OBS / EPS, Project Description, Project Plan / Sch. and Users, Calendar & Misc. Settings

Step 2

Determine Activities

Analyze the project scope and stakeholders requirements to determine the WBS, Activities, Quantities and Milestones

Step 3

Determine Activity Scope & Duration

Estimate the number of work periods needed to complete individual activity scope..

Step 4

Determine Activity Dependencies

Identify the relationships / dependencies of all the project activities. (FS / SS / SF / FF)

Step 5

Determine Resources

Estimate the type and quantities of Materials, Manpower, Machineries, Consumables and Costs required to perform each activity.

Step 6


Analyze activity sequences, durations, resources requirements and schedule constraints to create the project schedule model.

Step 7

Monitor & Control

Monitoring and Controlling for the comparison of plan and durations w.r.t. Baseline, resource quantities and performance measurement (Progress, Forecast, Efficiency Custom Trends).

PROPLAN Features

  • CPM based Project Network Schedules for Levels with resource loading, Generation of Critical Paths at Unit / Complex levels,
  • Alerts generation for Delayed activities in critical path, Non critical activities becomes critical due to delay, Revised estimated date/schedule of the project activities, Forecasting etc.
  • Generate dynamic schedules like 30 days / 90 days Look ahead Plan with Resource requirements.
  • Cost monitoring, reporting and control at Activity level as well as at Unit / Complex levels with forecasts based on a various scenarios. Reporting in Tabular and various Graphical charts.
  • File Comparison between the base files.
  • Percentage Progress calculation at Activity as well as Unit and Complex level.4D (3D + Time) Scheduling
  • Linking Activities Schedules with IFC 3D Models for monitoring the Critical Construction activities (if necessary) with the help of standard review and other similar software


Sr. No. Other Network Systems PROPLAN
Activity based Scheduling Tools
Activity as well as Quantity based Scheduling Tool with Resource Loading
Assessment of Resources is inaccurate for the Activity.
Assessment of Resources is accurate for the estimated quantity.
Creation of Resource Gang is not possible
Creation of Resource Gang is possible
Assessment of %age Progress is inaccurate due Activity monitoring.
Assessment of %age Progress is accurate due to Quantity level monitoring.
Rolling up %age Progress of various Functions & Overall is not possible. As a result, %age Progress is calculated in Excel.
Rolling of %age Progress at Unit as well as Overall levels is possible. Need not to switch over to Excel.
Calculation of Work Fronts particularly for Construction works not possible.
Calculation of Work Fronts is possible w.r.t Drg., Matl. & Access
Work Front Forecast is not possible.
Work Front Forecast can be made for advance resource planning.
Integration with Auto Spooling Software is not possible.
Integration of Auto Spooling is possible. Progress calculation / Reporting of Piping work is exceptionally accurate.
Look ahead Schedule is inaccurate due to monitoring at Activity level only.
Look ahead Schedule is accurate due to monitoring of Quantity against the Activity.
Look ahead Forecasts for various scenarios is not possible.
Look ahead Forecasts for various scenarios is simple using curves.
Window Analysis is not up to the mark due to Activity level monitoring.
Window Analysis is accurate to a great extent due to Quantity level monitoring.
Not easily customizable.
Can be customized without taking much time.
Not user friendly. Lot of roaming.
User friendly. Roaming avoided.
Cost of Software and AMC is too high.
Cost of Software and AMC is standard and affordable

Advanced Features of PROPLAN

  • Plan, schedule, and control complex EPC Projects.
  • Allocate best resources to activities and track progress.
  • Monitor and visualize actual project performance versus planned performance.
  • Integration with :
    • Oracle Primavera® via XER file Import/Export
    • Microsoft Project® via XML Import/Export
    • Microsoft Excel® Import/Export

Project Planning

Planning Includes:

  • Dividing project into distinct activities
  • Estimating the time requirement of each activity. Establishing predecessors and successors relation of various activities
  • Displaying Gantt chart , S-curve which indicates actual work progress and pending work of the certain period of time in relation to the planned dates

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EPC Planning and project planning and scheduling

PROPLAN is a EPC Planning software for Planning, Scheduling, Controlling and Monitoring the detailed level activities of the various project functions such as Engineering, Ordering, Manufacturing and Delivery, Tendering, Construction, Commissioning, Close-out etc. EPC Planning software helps to do EPC Planning. project planning and scheduling.