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RS Group has purchased EPCPROMAN software solution for complete single point automation of their turnkey services

EPCPROMAN solution is opted by RS Group for complete single point automation starting from estimation , Costing , Fabrication planning , Erection , Commercials, Accounting, Finance etc.

The Company is managed by technocrats having experience in the engineering of diverse rotating machinery meant for refineries, fertilizer plants, power generation, petrochemical industries, pipelines and offshore projects conforming to AMERICAN PETROLEUM INSTITUTE (API) & other International standards.

RSG consultants who have more than 20 years of experience in Rotating Machinery and worked on various projects in Refineries and Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas and Bio tech sector. All the services related to Rotating machinery, Process and Heat Exchanger design are handled in house employing the relevant specialists.

Detailed Analysis of various technical information specified for Rotating machinery employed in Indian Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Offshore & Pipeline industry coupled with the discernment of clients in the Indian market has resulted in OEMs securing prestigious orders from the end users / EPC contractors.


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