Project Planning and Control Software Solutions (Engineering, Procurement, Costing, Material Control at Site, Monitoring/Reporting, Analysis etc.)

PROPLAN Complete Construction Planning (Activity Level Monitoring/Reporting at Fabrication Shop/Yard & Construction Site with Resources etc.)

ICGP Item codification creation / standardization / mapping of engineering and procurement item codes, converting commodity code to unique item code


 Estimation ,Costing & Bidding 

Estimation, costing & bidding for a project based on basic and preliminary documents. Related history of cost and generation of biddling documentation

 Estimation / Initial Material Take-Off  

 One can generate Estimation MTO based on P&ID or initial piping layout. The program allows the users to create estimation MTO by selecting components directly from the piping material speci?cation or importing data directly from the 3D model.


isometric drawing software

 Piping Isometric made Easy  Making automatic Piping Isometric drawings, Piping Spool drawings, the Bill of materials and reporting from outline of isometric, specification driven, rule based.

 Connection, Civil, BBS, Plate Optimization etc.  

Steel Connection Design as per Indian standard ,Civil Quantities estimation,Bar Bending solution etc.


material control software

 Material Control Tracking from Engineering to Procurement to Construction at store or site/yard  

 STORE / warehouse Management 

Organized Inventory With Perfect Material Tracking

“Right Material in Right Place at Right Time”.

Material management Planning, Expedition, cost, analysis ,storage, Barcode, issue, reconciliation


pipe fabrication software

 Pipe Spooling, Joints / Welds 

Simplify Engineering Construction Piping Spooling operations for the convenience of fabrication & Erection work

piping spool fabrication software

  Spool fabrication & Material Management 

erection management software

 Erection Management & Control 

Ensure Efficiency in Plant Construction SPOOLMAN ERMAN ® is a piping spool, material and construction management software at shop/site useful for effective matching front analysis, work allocation, material allocation, piping material controls-and tracking.

steel fabrication management software

 Steel fabrication & Erection 

construction management software

 Civil Quantities, Bar Bending Solution 

equipment management software

 Equipment Erection, Nozzles & lines Connections 

electrical and instrumentation management software

 Installation Cable Scheduling 

EPCPROMAN is widely used in disciplines like-:

  • Piping
  • Civil
  • Steel
  • E & I
  • Equipment
Spool Tracking / Barcode / RFID spool tracking softwarespool tracking system 

Precommissioning / Commissioning

EPCPROMAN has been widely used by:
PIPING / STEEL fabricators, EPC Contractors, LSTK contractors, Owners & operators, PMC for all jobs related with OFFSHORE / ONSHORE PETROCHEMICAL, Ship Building, Oil & Gas Refineries, Power Plants, Breweries, Renewable Energies or any plant which include Piping, Steel, Concrete.